dune buggying in paracas, peru

sandboarding in huacachina, peru

surfing lessons in el paredon, guatemala

riding in style to get to guatape, colombia

hiking a volcano in antigua, guatemala

hot air balloons over the pyramids in mexico

hi, i’m carly... & i’m here to convince you to book the trip.

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This past summer, after a long ~15 months stuck at home amidst a global pandemic, I had the opportunity to travel, work, & play my way around Latin America for 4 months with a group of 22+ other digital nomads.

I’ve always loved to travel, but this experience flipped how I travel on its head. It made me realize—especially with the newfound flexibility in working remotely—that pretty much anyone with the travel bug can (& should) be traveling more frequently. I don’t necessarily mean going away for a full 4 months like I just did—I just mean forgetting about that trip to Italy you *might* take in 2023, and all the excuses you have for not going sooner, and just BOOK THE THING. 

i started this blog because...

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on social media about my travels.

I hear a lot of people make lousy excuses for why they can’t book the trip.

TBH I need a hobby... especially for when I’m not traveling.





Places I’ve visited: Los Cabos, Tulum, CDMX, Oaxaca

Thoughts: Obsessed. From the beaches to the cities, Mexico has so much to offer. There’s a lot to learn from the local culture, it’s safe, cheap, the Spanish is relatively easy to understand, and the food is obviously delicious. 


Places I’ve visited: Antigua, Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, El Paredon

Thoughts: A beautiful country that I feel is underrated and often overlooked because of its reputation for not being safe—when in fact there are many safe ways to visit. Antigua is a great base for exploring everything else the country has to offer, and it’s also known for it’s affordable + effective Spanish schools. 


Places I’ve visited: Medellín, Cartagena

Thoughts: A country that people are quick to judge as “dangerous” without learning about the nuanced and incredibly inspiring transformation it's undergone in the last few decades. Medellín is an amazing city to learn about this history, whereas Cartagena is more of a beach vaca. 


Places I’ve visited: Lima, Huacachina, Cusco

Thoughts: Holy shit. Peru has SO much to offer. Lima has the best food maybe in the world (hiii ceviche), you’ve got deserts and ocean and hiking and of course Machu Picchu. There’s also the Amazon jungle, which I have yet to visit. 


Places I’ve visited: Guanacaste

Thoughts: A great place to get a mix of relaxing beach vacation and adventure, and experience that “pura vida” life. It’s also known for it’s absolutely breathtaking sunsets. We were able to ride ATVs, ride horses, visit a volcano, zipline, and relax all in a few days. 


Places I’ve visited: Dublin, Kerry, Galway, Clare

Thoughts: Gorgeous. The cloudy-all-the-time thing is sort of a myth; I’ve seen plenty of sunshine in Ireland, even in the winter. The people are incredibly nice. I’m a bit biased because my fiancé is from there, but you should go.

More coming soon :)

...i hope i can show you that travel doesn’t have to be hard, or crazy expensive, or something you need to plan 2 years in advance. 

whether you're interested in

working remotely or 
taking a true vacation...

traveling for a few days or a few months...

going solo or with friends or a partner...